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This says "pre-order" at the Tuesday Knight website - is that just for the physical copy?

This looks great!

There's now an answer to this on their site. Seems like the physical is pre-order and the PDF is available, with a slight delay of 24 hours or so as of now.


While I may be biased (being a contributor to this anthology), this is one of the best adventure anthologies I have ever seen. The quality of content, the level of creativity, the unparalleled artistry make this book an incredible artifact. It is worth well-more than the asking price, so you're getting quite a bargain, and putting money to a good cause.

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I wanted the physical book, but Tuesday Knight Games doesn't ship to China.  : (


Have you tried Melsonia? They're UK based but I ordered there to ship to Australia.

I haven't, but I will now.  Thanks, Dr-Cool!